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1. At weekends I enjoy ____ to the beach.


2. If ____ him, I’ll tell him you called.


3. “What ____?” “I’m cooking breakfast.”


4. ____ only two railway stations in this city.


5. I have lunch ____ 2 o’clock every day.


6. Do you mind if I open the window?


7. Harry is very good at English, but Emma is ____.


8. I was born ____


9. ____ to the bank tomorrow?


10. I’m not very hungry, so I only want ____ food.


11. ____ to London?


12. I’ve been living in Prague ____ ten years.


13. I was very ____ in the story.


14. “Did you buy the bread?” “No, ____.”


15. I don’t like this pub. There ____ people here.


16. I usually have lunch at home, but today ____ lunch in a restaurant.


17. What ____ since you arrived?


18. I ____ for General Motors when I was eighteen.


19. We ____ to the beach if it rains.


20. We haven’t got____ money.