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1. John got a good job as soon as he finished university. He ____ a lot of money.


2. This bed ____ really comfortable. I’m sure I’ll sleep well all night.


3. Some big new offices ____ next to the railway station.


4. They don’t pay you enough. I’d look for a new job if ____ you.


5. The play ____ when we arrived at the theatre.


6. You wouldn’t travel alone across Africa, ____?


7. The little girl told her friend a secret and asked her ____ anyone.


8. I am sure I would have regretted it if I _______ to take the job.


9. Fiona is very angry _______ her boss’s decision to sack several members of staff.


10. At last I’m going on holiday! I ____ work until the beginning of September.


11. My plane was late. When I arrived my friends ____ three hours to meet me.


12. You should read this novel — it’s been _______ recommended by all the critics.


13. I haven’t spoken to Kevin for years. I wonder ____.


14. The police are _______ an investigation into the robbery.


15. When Sam was a small child, he _______ spend hours every day playing with stones in the garden.


16. If ____ with you to the shops, will you help me clean the house?


17. Some of the students failed the exam. They ____ worked harder.


18. I’m such a wonderful person, ____?


19. Do you see that man over there? He’s the one ____.


20. I wish the local council ____ cars double-parking and blocking traffic.

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