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1. What are your plans for tomorrow?


2. Christine ____ wear a uniform for her work.


3. „It’s very hot in here.“ „____ the window for you.“


4. There wasn’t ____ on the beach when I arrived there at 9 o’clock.


5. It was awful! I’ve never had ____ bad holiday.


6. You don’t need to get the tickets. Sue ____ them.


7. Can you ask him to call me when he ____?


8. „Are you staying in London for Christmas?“ „I don’t know. I ____.“


9. „I’ve got terrible toothache.“ „You ____ go to the dentist.“


10. ____ going out to a restaurant tonight?


11. There was a fire in the factory. Fortunately everyone ____ escape.


12. The teacher told the noisy student ____ quiet.


13. The man ____ has a lot of money.


14. I recommend it. It’s one of the best books ____.


15. What ____ when she told him she wanted to leave?


16. ____ I like going to the cinema, I prefer watching videos at home.


17. Have you finished with the newspaper ____


18. One of my neighbours won the lottery and ____ work for the rest of his life.


19. I ____ the television when you rang.


20. I have been living in Madrid ____